Tuesday, March 16, 2010

Long Awaited...

(The ones, the onlys, the parents)
Something that I've wanted for so long is finally in reach. My parents house has finally sold in Alaska and they (and 3 dogs) have packed up and hit the road. There are so many mixed emotions coming from these events. I'm absolutely ecstatic for my parents to be less than 100 miles from me. We have had Canada between us now for about 9 years. However it is horribly sad losing my childhood dream home. Our house in Soldotna has held so many great memories. I was incredibly blessed to have parents that enjoyed having a house full of kids and pets and NOISE! We had the best snacks, the best movies, the bus, and our door was always open. Those days are sadly missed. I think that has been the hardest thing for me since moving to Portland. My parents home was always full of visitors. My homes in Carlsbad with Jake and Tara were always home base for my OPC family and living with the Jefferson Benditos was always a riot. Since getting to Portland my house is been empty except for my lovely traveling guests. You need friends to fill a house and I think having Mom and Dad here will be a wonderful start to a bustling home.

(Me enjoying some nature)
Second order of business, I am finally feeling crafty! I think being outside riding my bike and having the wind in my hair has helped so much. I've started a vegetable garden. I'm in the process of picking colors and decorating our bedroom, and have got a few wonderful ideas for crafts to sell. I feel so relieved to have some ideas. Oh and an extra hour of daylight after work has made me oh so giddy. I hope to be posting pictures soon of some of my new inventions.
(A little something that makes me happy)

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  1. hahah!! hilarious picture. i love it!
    i have loved getting to know you, we will be great friends.