Sunday, March 21, 2010

I've been inspired! This last week I worked my butt of around the house. Thursday Cameron and I got some serious work done on the yard. Our house was painted recently (love it!) but all the garden beds got a little trampled. No problem...just an opportunity to start a new.

PLUS...I am attempting to start a vegetable garden. I've been working on a 20ft x 5ft area in the back yard. I've got broccoli, salad lettuce, jalapenos, celery, and Romain sprouting in the window. Oh yummy yummy! There will be plenty to go around. So please come one come all!
Also tonight I did a little work on a onesi I've been dying to try out. I love little babies with frilly outfits. I used some vintage pillow cases to make the frills and bought some "organic" onesies. Ta da! I can't wait to play around with some more frill ideas.


  1. AND had a delish dinner of alaska caught salmon....

  2. Very impressive that you are starting your garden from seeds. I'm too lazy and impatient so we go with starts now. A great place for starts is the Hollywood Market. Trade you some tomatoes/green beans/japanese eggplants for whatever you're growing?