Wednesday, January 18, 2012

Parenthood Part 1

First let me say I have been working on a "birth story" post that I should have up sooner or later. I'm really kicking myself for not blogging or journaling more during my pregnancy. Oh well....maybe next time. :)
So tonight is Orin's first night in his own room in his own bed. I nursed him, read him stories, sang to him and put him in his bed and kissed him goodnight. And that was that. I'm not about to kid myself that this is how it's going to be every night, but there was this special moment when Orin was asleep and Cameron and I were at the table together doing our own things that I has this WOW moment. I'm a parent. I just put my baby to bed, and took this free time to catch up on some sewing, talk to my love about our day, and drink some tea. I'm a parent. I find it ironic that this fact hits me while my child is not in my arms, but fast asleep in his bed, dreaming of boobies. Life is one crazy adventure and I love it.