Wednesday, February 24, 2010

Okay maybe the second post will be easier than the first. Last night after work I concord the craft room. Last week I went through all my beads and it was a mess. I just dumped everything out and went for it. Until I can find a "cuter" method I have ice trays full of beads all over my desk. Next to tackle the fabric pile. Strange that getting rid of still helps me start projects.
I'm still in a slight panic about finding time. As of now I work 34 hours a week as a nanny and 12 hours a week as a server. I've started "working on my fitness" which takes about 5 hours a week. Then cooking and cleaning, caring for wild beast (Cameron, dogs, cat) and sleeping I'm booked! Time to re introduce the late night coffee induced craft sessions! Oh how I wish I had my friends here to art around with. Drop cloth down, coffee cups up and let the crafting begin!(wild beasts)

(My handsome life supporter)


  1. I want to late night craft! Though I probably wouldn't be much fun cause I always feel like going to bed at 10 and can't drink copious amounts of coffee. Once this thing comes out though...
    You should try posting your pictures bigger! Just choose "large" on the picture uploader:)
    Love you!

  2. i'm down with late night crafting! i have goals...need to reach them, and late night crafting is just what i need to do it.