Sunday, May 30, 2010

silver bells and cockle shells

So my garden is a plenty, but not to beautiful to look at. I have three garden beds and about 20 pots going this year. Here is my veggie rundown.Carrots
Lettuce (2 varieties)
Bok Choy
and Fennel. I think that's it. I figures plant a LOT and I'm bound to get something out of it. I am determined to rearrange the many pots, tables and stools to make it look beautiful to look at back there.
Also yesterday I hit a estate sale on the way home from work an found this totally awesome water cooler. Oh be still my heart. Now...what to make of it?

Friday, May 28, 2010

pretty finds....

Cameron and I both have Thursdays off. I love being able to spend at least one day a week with my darling doing what ever we wish. Sometimes it's hiking. Sometimes it's eating chips and watching crime shows ALL DAY! Yesterday we ate yummy mexican food till it hurt, play some wii and took an evening walk with BOTH the girls which is totally unheard of! They sky was beautiful. Some days I really feel spoiled to live in such a lovely city. Other days I want to cry my eyes out if I see one more raindrop.
I've been playing with all my goodies for my "one day" shop and decided to post some pics of my lovely finds.Isn't that the most beautiful stuff. I'm really excited to find some time to post these bad boys in my shop. Stay tuned for that.
Also I have been working on some upcycled grocery totes. (side note: not really loving the word "upcycled". Am I alone with this feeling?) I'm still working on what the finished project will look like. I'm thinking some embroidery will be what I need to make the totes complete.Hope everyone has a wonderful Memorial Day weekend.

Sunday, May 16, 2010


As I clean my room this morning I am sorting through my thoughts at the same time. I am feeling grateful for being blessed with sooo many amazing friends through my life. Many of whom I have not kept in close contact with as I had hoped. These people are on my mind and in my heart always, but it's hard to find the time to tell them that. I feel so pressured to make good relationships here in Portland that my long distance friends are getting the short end of the stick. Is that backwards? I have decided that my new goal is to reconnect with my long distance friends. I'm not one to spend hours chatting on the phone, but I can spend quality time writing emails and sending fun packages.