Wednesday, March 31, 2010

Let's get personal

I've been really into cooking at home for the last few months. Cameron joined the carnivores world in February and that blew my cooking world wide open. I also received a KitchenAid from my darling mom and dad for Christmas! (thank you thank you thank you!) There is something so calming about cooking dinner. Chopping veggies, boiling water, and adding dashes of this and that. And then the total reward, sitting down with my love to enjoy and a delicious meal. I've really been trying to cook relatively healthy things with fresh ingredients. I also started reading "In Defense of Food" and that has been totally eye opening. I don't even know where to start. Mostly I'm affected by his point to eat food. Not all "food" is food I'm starting to realize. That may have been my inspiration to grow my vegetable garden this year. If I grow it I know it's food. I can't wait to cook with my home grown goods....and not paying for it.
The main reason for my post today was a reality show. Now let me explain. I just finished watching the first episode of "Jamie Oliver's Food Revolution". Sure it's got all the typical reality show qualities...such as drama, tears, and conflict. But it's also got some really awesome things to say. I hear all the time about how our country as a whole is really blowing is as far as eating healthy is concerned. I hear it all the time on the news, in the papers, at the cafe, and it makes me feel guilty. I'm not sure if you know this but I get a little self conscious when weight and obesity is being discussed. I remember in high school figuring out my BMI and realizing I was "obese". It was awful. It hurt. And it was far worse than any teasing I had ever endured. And worst of all it sticks with me. If we, as individuals, had to label ourselves, "obese" would be on the top of my self chosen list. So when I hear all this news and read articles about how America needs to shape up I take it very personal. Like they are talking to me. My eating habits, my cupboards, my waist line. But you know what people.....I realized something recently. THEY ARE NOT TALKING TO ME! I'm doing just fine. I eat wonderful foods! (most the time) My cupboards and fridge are full of healthy wholesome foods. And my waist line. Psh, you can just ask Cameron, there is nothing wrong with that. So goodbye guilt, hello wonderful life full of tasty foods.P.S.
I just bought new nail polish! I never get fun colors but my life it is a changing! Also dyeing my hair red tonight. Pictures to come!


  1. you are wonderful and inspiring! btw-i love your pics. one of your sprouts is my desktop pic.!

  2. Totally agree. Fit at any weight is my motto! You are beautiful and healthy and we love you.
    And shark eats a rainboot.

  3. Horray for this post! I've always seen you as a healthy individual. Plus you are one of the cutest dang people I know.

    I just bought some orange nail polish. Been getting compliments like crazy!! I need to put up a picture too. Thanks for the inspiration.

    PS Isn't "In Defense of Food" amazing?! I had to stop reading it when I first got pregnant cause I couldn't stand so much food talk, but I think I'm ready to dive back in:)

    I love you!

  4. Thanks guys! It felt really good to get that out. I didn't even see it coming...and BAM there was all these feelings. Anywho! Chels, I'm starting to use orange, turquoise and black to decorate my room. I bought those little paint "sample" bottles and am in the process of going paint crazy. Be still my heart!