Wednesday, April 14, 2010

Date Night and Day Dreams

My parents have FINALLY made it to Portland. We have been filling our days with family dinner, yard work, laughing and antiquing. It's been really awesome having them here. They bought me a belated birthday present. !A kick booty gas BBQ! Let the summer begin. I have got all I need. Family, food, friends and love. Speaking of love, my handsome man took me on a date Monday. We took the max downtown and ate delish pasta till we burst,day dreamed at a few sporting goods stores, and browsed Powells. I suppose I did more shopping then browsing. Walked out with Martha Stewart's Encyclopedia of Sewing and Fabric Craft. SHWING! This book is amazing. I'm taking sewing classes on Wednesday nights and getting my sewing groove back. This book has totally inspired to attempt embroidery. I have chosen my first project. It's a secret! I will post pictures as soon as my masterpiece is complete. Hope everyone is making it through the week. The weekend is just around the corner. Time to BBQ! Come on over.


  1. you are my favorite.
    we need to hang out soon.
    miss your face.

  2. We do need to hang out! My parents brought their wii so we should have a hoola hoop off!

  3. i must meet your parents before i die... it seems that just knowing them makes life a little brighter....

  4. Remember when we all went out to dinner with my dad? Oh I miss our days together.