Thursday, April 15, 2010

A day off.

It starts like this. I am so spoiled by Cameron!Then these creatures came on over, chaperoned by my parents. Please meet Molly and Brutus. Mother and son. We got Molly 18 years ago outside Safeway in Soldotna. I begged and begged my mom after she made the mistake of letting me stop and look in the "free puppy" box. One lick was all it took. I got my way and we added a puppy to the shopping list. Brutus is 17 now and blind after multiple puppy strokes. He is so precious with his little head always tilted to the side.
Then Mom and Dad were gracious enough to help Cameron and I dig up the yard a bit and throw down some grass seed.....FINALLY! I can't wait to have a lawn to lay in again.
Then as a reward we all went to The Couve for some thrifting and boy did I make out like a bandit. Good Will, I love you I love you I love you. I was so dazzled by my treasures I took pictures of my new wardrobe. 9 new garments and a self healing cutting mat for under $60! Please excuse the poor photo quality. It was one shot per outfit with the self timer in the craft room. Some pieces need to be altered, but these are the rip, roaring and ready to go ones.

Soon I will get to borrow my mom's fancy camera for a while and finally take some decent pictures of my lovey life to post for my dear friends. Hope you day went as well as mine. Goodnight!

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