Tuesday, July 5, 2011

So much waiting!!!

Let me tell you something about pregnancy. There is a crap ton of WAITING you do! Waiting for the pregnancy test results, waiting to tell people, waiting to hear the heartbeat, waiting for a baby bump, waiting for financial assistance, waiting to discover the sex of the baby, waiting to decorate the nursery, and don't even get me started on waiting rooms! There is so much waiting. At least so far that's how I feel. No one ever mentioned to me how time just drags on, or I'm an incredibly impatient person. I can't imagine the third trimester goes much faster.
I'm sure all this waiting is for a reason. If I imagine all this going faster,I would be completely overwhelmed. With all this waiting it's hard for reality to sink in. I sometimes just think I'm taking on another child to watch while I'm with Sophia. Then I go home, look in the baby room and realize, nope...this baby is going to spend every moment with me. Not just the 8am to 5pm I'm with Sophia. But every living moment with me. I sometimes even completely forget I'm pregnant. I will see cute pregnant ladies at the store and wonder what it's like to be pregnant, or wander off into the clothing section at Target and completely forget about my expanding belly and boobs which would look horrific in the usual styles I would wear. Even today after paining the nursery I decided to take a break and went to the refrigerator looking for a drink and almost grabbed a beer. How in the world can something so amazing as the baby growing inside of me simply "slip my mind" at moments. I have a sneaking suspicion once my son is born there will be no slipping of my mind that I am indeed a full time parent. And I can't wait for that moment! (Remind me to read that last sentence when I'm about to lose my mind in 6 months!)


  1. My opinion on the waiting is to encourage patience in a parent when their child is growing into an independent person, patience for the clothing they choose to wear or their hairstyle both of which are just parts of their expression of who they are becoming. We as parents choose to love our children despite the knotted hair, dirty face and stinky breath when they toddle to our rooms in the middle of the night because they need us after a day of brutle independence....trust me on this one! You are already an amazing parent by expressing your love and futile waiting for this little boy to arrive....all in due time, all in due time...my love as you engage your lives as parents! Coleen

  2. ahh!! i miss you so much! i wish i was there with you, i've been sewing up a storm, i'm sending you some fruits of my labor...just check your mailbox each day :)

  3. Thanks Coleen. Being a nanny for the last two years has taught me so much about patience. Every day I learn a little more.
    Liz, I miss you too...so much. I can't wait to see the goodies you made. Thanks so much for thinking of us. We love you.